Christmas Card 2018

Archangel Gabriel to choose two suitable animals

Archangel Michael had been commissioned by the Archangel Gabriel to choose two suitable animals
to stand right next to the holy crib. The lion was the first to push himself forward: “I am the king
of the animals” he said” I am not afraid of anything”. In order to prove it, he shouted vigorously as
only a real lion can do.
„I tear anyone who gets too close to the baby Jesus!“ The lion added. But Archangel Michael shook
his head, no one should be afraid or lose his life if he wanted to see little Jesus.
The monkey was to restless, the fox a little to cunning and furthermore since no thieves had to be
chased also the dog did not fit.
Nearly all animals had come forward and presented their unique skills to Michael, as he suddenly
spotted two shy animals in the far back and asked: “Why did you two not come forward and
introduce yourself?”. „Oh, Archangel Michael,“ replied the donkey. „We have learned nothing and
can only carry loads and pull carts. We also do not scare anyone, because we are peaceful, modest
creatures. „The donkey‘s ears hung sadly and the ox looked very sad.
„The baby Jesus especially loves gentleness and modesty and it has a heart for all sufferers! Come
forward to the crib and keep the baby Jesus company!”, Archangel Micheal said, “The Savior will
soon be born and lie in this manger!„

(A short free translation of Eckhard Leyser story “How ox and donkey came to the crib
in the stable of Bethlehem”)

Programs used to create this graphic: Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Animate CC