Illustrations, watercolor paintings & portraits

Watercolour Paintings & Sketches

Birdsonality in Watercolour

I love studying the funny and unique characters of birds. Currently I try to catch their personalities in traditional watercolor sketches and paintings.

Watercolour Painitngs

Watercolour Kids Portraits

The light and delicate media of watercolor became my favorite media to carefully catch the spirit, character and personality.

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Watercolour Illustration

Merry Christmas

I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Donkey and rabbit are getting prepared.  ;)!

Watercolour Painting

Donkey Sweathearts

Watercolor painting of my two donkey friends Aloisia and Felicitas

Book illustration

Der Zwelf

Book illustration for a fairytale story written by Dietmar Vogt .
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Vector illustration

Hollabix Label Characters

Following the brief by HOLLABIX to develop six iconic character for their product series of organic herbal elixirs, I created six illustration characters in Adobe Illustrator. 

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