Portrait & Illustration Artist

The Dutch portrait artist Ben Lusthoven described portraiture perfectly in one sentence:

„Painting a portait is not just makeing a picture, it is the celebration of a person.“
(Ben Lusthouven)

The urge of capturing and celebrating the fleeting beauty of life in its essence has run through my entire creative work for many years. 

Looking back at education and career as a character animator, the fascination of expressing personality and character is also the key focus of this art form.

In this fleeting time, which is getting louder and faster, the step from the fast moving images of animation, to portrait painting, was a very healing and enriching path.

One could almost say that it was inevitable that sooner or later in my artistic development I would find myself in portraiture.

While character animation and portraiture are very opposite paths, they ultimately have a very similar goal. To represent the soul “anima” of a being artistically.

Only the handling of time is different.

My two donkey friends Aloisia and Felicitas have taught me that you have the choice, either you let yourself be pushed by the time or you enjoy and experience the time.

It is probably precisely this detailed attention and our individual human perception that allows us to conjure up more than just an image in a portrait painting.